Everyone wants to know why Iím not on Facebook? Simple, I have a website, what do I need Facebook for? This allows me to rant and rave and put up pictures and tell people what Iím doing without the awkwardness of ďfriend requests.Ē Hereís a little secret: if I want to be friends with you, we already are.

Facebook is for stay-at-home moms who are trapped by their children in their houses and need the social networking site to connect with other adults on the ďoutside.Ē It serves a great purpose, but a purpose I donít need.

That said, the latest Facebook craze was ď25 random things;Ē in that spirit, here we go:

The first concert I ever attended was Motley Crue on the Dr. Feelgood tour.

I went to college at Auburn, but applied to, and was accepted by, Alabama-Tuscaloosa, UAB, Syracuse and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Iíve never thrown a punch at another person.

I donít gamble.

I eat a bowl of cereal every morning.

Iíve thrown my lower back out lifting weights at least three times.

Iíve never been to Philadelphia Ė airport excluded.

My heaviest dead lift was 530 pounds.

I was an exceptional college intramural third baseman.

I only drink soda with alcohol.

I need lots of sleep.

Iíve never seen an episode of ďThe Family Guy,Ē ďLost,Ē or ďC.S.I Ė anything.Ē

I make great pizza and chili.

Iím terrible at math.

Iíve read every word of Shelby Footeís three volume Civil War narrative.

I have zero artistic or musical ability.

Iím always on time.

I drive a Chevy Monte Carlo Ė and the ladies crazy!

My first paycheck as a professional broadcaster was for a girls youth softball tournament in Illinois.

Iím a Taurus.

I saw Ric Flair pin Hulk Hogan to win the WWF world championship in person at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, it was one of the greatest moments of my life to that point, then a dirty, stinking, crooked ref restarted the match and Hogan won. I was devastated.

Iíve hosted talk shows in Atlanta, Orlando, St. Louis, Birmingham and Montgomery.

I prefer cats to dogs and fish to both.

My high-school part time jobs included working at a trap shooting club, bagging groceries, shoveling snow and taking tickets at a movie theatre.

Iíve never had a puff of a cigarette.

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