What do heavyweight radio personalities Colin Cowherd, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Savage have in common? Chadd Scott has produced talk shows for each of them. On his way to working with the top names in syndicated radio, Scott had stops in Atlanta (790 the Zone) and Birmingham (WAPI & WJOX) making him one of the most experienced and decorated talk radio producers anywhere. Born and raised in suburban Milwaukee, WI, Scott graduated with a degree in journalism from Auburn University and started a career in radio hosting, producing, reporting and doing play-by-play in Auburn, AL, Columbus, GA and Montgomery, AL.

ďThanks for checking out chaddscott.com. With all the porn on the Ďnet, I know this was a major sacrifice for you. Enjoy the rest of the site, come back often and hereís some insight into my world to get you started: Iím pro-choice and in favor of the death penalty. Iím pro-union and against universal health care. I think going to war in Iraq was a good idea, but the presidentís reasons were not. Immigrants are great; illegals should be deported. Iím a pro-environment wacko and think government spending should be slashed for social programs. Pizza is the only thing I can eat every day. Cardio is for suckers. Alyssa Milano is Generation Xís Marilyn Monroe or Farrah Fawcett. What passes for country music on the radio today is a joke. Jack Danielís neat. Major League Baseball is dead to me. Lobster is overrated, crab is underrated. The day the music died for me was the day Vince McMahon bought WCW. The NBA was better 15 years ago, but thatís changing. If you smoke or ride a motorcycle without a helmet you deserve to die. I hope thereís an FBI agent attending service in every mosque in America. LA is way better than New York. The 1985 NBA Draft Lottery was fixed and thereís no way a single gunman killed Kennedy. Nick Saban is the best coach in football. Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, Mark McGuire should not. If you play video games past the age of 25, ďgrow up.Ē I only drink beer ice cold. America is the greatest country on earth, our culture is better and Iím not ashamed to say it. Cats are better than dogs. If you donít know who John Hiatt and Kris Kristofferson are, find out. Life is what you make of the inevitably awful things that will happen to you.Ē