From sparing with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio, to lighting up the South on "The Sports Tap," Chadd Scott has become one of the most talked about personalities in sports radio today. Always opinionated, unintentionally controversial, brutally honest and unafraid, Scott is both loved and hated for his brand of no-holds-barred conversation.

Having hosted shows on 790 the Zone in Atlanta, WJOX in Birmingham and ESPN Radio 1080 in Orlando as well as appearing as a guest on the "Paul Finebaum" Radio Network, Rivals Radio on Sirius Satellite, ESPN Radio 730 in Memphis and ESPN Radio 106.7 in Nashville among others, Scott's opinions have lit up phone lines and garnered attention wherever they are made.

With a past that includes working as a producer with Cowherd, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Savage, few people in talk radio have had the opportunity to learn the craft of hosting a show from a more talented group. What has been learned?

"Opinions and personality, that's what makes a good host," Scott says. "Show prep is a given, being a professional, storytelling, studying and respecting the craft, that's all part of it, but if you don't have anything uniquely your own to share and are unwilling to allow your listeners into your life, you'll never be the kind of personality people schedule their days around."

A self-professed "tree hugger," an admitted restaurant snob, a bird watching enthusiast and fitness addict, Scott's ability to generate original opinions and emotion from an audience is what makes him stand apart from his peers.

Chadd Scott on Chadd Scott:

"Aside from college football, I don't watch all that many games. It's the personalities and storylines, the conflict, the intersection of society and sports that most interests me. I like to talk about life and I use sports as the backdrop. Games, like matches in wrestling, only exist to move the storylines forward, the juiciest stuff happens behind the scenes.

"Steroid users disgust me. We admire athletes because they can do what we can't, but if we were all hopped up on steroids and human growth, we could do what they do. It's cheating, it's wrong and it's a sign of personal weakness.

"American History, nature, independent movies, women, artists and Las Vegas fascinate me.

"Mixed martial arts is the most exciting thing to happen to sports in my lifetime.

"Sports radio should be a lot better than it is, but the profession is bloated with lazy wanna-bes who got into the business so they could hang out in locker rooms.

"I've been to the Playboy Mansion, but I had a much better time in the Everglades.

"Jackie Robinson, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the most influential athletes ever.

"The USC-Texas Rose Bowl for the BCS title, the Florida State-Florida 31-31 tie and the 1993 Auburn-Alabama games are the best I've seen in person.

"I don't like crowds, chain restaurants, wasteful people, loud noises, spoof movies, reality TV, pop music or chewing gum.

"If you're not squatting, you're not really working out.

"My motto is: life is about how you handle the inevitably awful things that will happen to you. It's not funny. It's not supposed to be."

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