Don’t Georgia fans wish they were me today – even more than usual. I was one of the few who didn’t rush to judgment following G-Day wanting to anoint quarterback Zach Mettenberger as the “next big thing,” and now that he’s been booted off the team, those Dawg fans who had prematurely positioned Mettenberger as a savior are scrambling to retract those statements and convince themselves of another reality. The back-peddling is furious and if there is such a thing, revisionist history is taking place on history that was manufactured to begin with.

After attending the UGA spring game, I said it was absurd to say any of the three QBs competing for the job stood out as the frontrunner – at least from what was seen on that Saturday – but many Georgia faithful deceived themselves into seeing what they wanted to see, not what was actually there, and created a myth that Mettenberger was clearly the most promising candidate for the position. Mettenberger has – or had – potential, but by no means did he “wow” me on G-Day or put any distance between himself and Aaron Murray or Logan Gray. Now that Mettenberger is out of the program after getting a little too frisky with the female clientele at a bar and then lying to Mark Richt about the specifics (if you are to believe the rumors and I am in this case), will UGA fans line up behind my more reasoned analysis of the situation like they should have all along, or do they continue to cling to the idea that Mettenberger was a would-be savior for the program?

Don’t get me wrong, losing Mettenberger is a huge deal for the Georgia football program; he was a highly promising redshirt freshman with all the physical tools necessary to be a four-year starter in the SEC. Those players don’t fall off trees and without him UGA’s depth and talent behind center take a major step back. That being said, Mettenberger wasn’t leading this team to an SEC championship this season like many of the early-adopters of his legend wanted us all to believe.

Whichever side of the Mettenberger debate you fall on, if you’re a Georgia fan, you can’t like what’s taking place in Athens. Mettenberger is the second Bulldog kicked off the team this spring for disciplinary reasons. Georgia continues to be raided by Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and Florida State for its top recruits. A burgeoning dissatisfaction with the level of success relative to expectations is bubbling under the surface and the program seems to lack the traction required to compete for championships.

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