A TV writers strike has Hollywood in fits about what it will do for programming now that the guys who put pen to paper and come up with all the storylines have walked out.

Might I suggest an idea for a show sure to enrapture viewers by the millions with its twists, turns, cliffhangers and drama?

LSU football.

LSU games aren’t even sports anymore, they’re more like “Die Hard” on grass.

If “24’s” Jack Bauer were a football team, he’d be LSU.

Hair singed by explosions, defusing bombs with :01 left on the mechanism’s timer, hair parted by bullets, ropes snapping the instant he reaches the ground safely.

Think about LSU’s last four games: Florida, Kentucky, Auburn and Alabama.

You couldn’t write, produce and film greater drama and suspense than that with a $100 million budget and Spielberg on retainer.

Throw in a plot line involving a hot brunette and Les Miles and this show would squash “American Idol” like a bug.

LSU is the best reality TV on TV.

Gut wrenching, nail biting, rub the rosaries, ebbs, flows, brilliant plays followed by idiotic mistakes, no lead is safe, high wire walking without a net, everything on the line, 4th down, one second left on the clock, Houdini locked in chains underwater, edge of your seat thrills.

LSU football over the past month has made the final five minutes of “The Sopranos’” finale feel like C-SPAN.

To all the television executives out there wondering what to do now that the writers are on strike, I have three letters for you: L-S-U.

That’s great TV.