Seldom am I wrong, but after further consideration, I realize I've been wrong about something this past year.

Sorry Alabama marks, it's not Nick Saban.

I've been a vocal supporter of Arkansas coach Houston Nutt as he's come under fire, but after chastising my buddy Stark Harbour at my day job on The Sports Tap when he said Nutt should be on the hot seat, I have given the matter some more thought and see now I was wrong.

It hit me as I was riding to the gym on MARTA somewhere north of Buckhead in Atlanta, "what has Houston Nutt done in nine years with the Razorbacks to deserve being above consideration for dismissal?"

A couple SEC West titles?

He beat Texas twice.

He beat some bad Alabama teams, upset Auburn a couple times, has a few tacky bowl wins.

Arkansas deserves better than that.

Arkansas is a flagship state university with outstanding facilities and tradition, wealthy and powerful boosters and alumni, gracious academic standards and fertile recruiting ground.

The Razorbacks should be winning nine games a year and going to bowls on New Year's Day. Nutt hasn't done that consistently.

Previous to last year, Arkansas had consecutive losing seasons; that shouldn't happen deep into a good coach's tenure.

Taking a closer look at his two SEC title game appearances, he was hammered in one, and to be honest, he's had the advantage of a down Alabama program for his entire tenure, an advantage that figures to be going away. I don't think it's a stretch to say Razorback fans should expect to go to Atlanta once every five years and that's essentially what Nutt has delivered.

The more I think about it, the more I realize why I've taken up for Nutt with my heart when my head should have lead me otherwise.

I backed him 100% when it came to the snotty Springdale crew, the group of super-recruits from nearby Springdale, AR high school who came to Fayetteville along with their coach Gus Malzahn a year and a half ago only to mutiny, bellyache, whine and disgrace themselves.

That Houston Nutt was under fire from a pack of bratty, entitled kids and their meddlesome stage parents while he was winning 10 games chapped my hide. Turncoat QB Mitch Mustain, his ridiculous mother, and their co-conspirators perfectly illustrated scholastic sports run amuck and I want Houston Nutt to come out of this on top. I'm rooting for Houston Nutt.

I want him to be able to make that assembly of scoundrels eat their words and regret their decisions to sell out the home state school for supposed greener pastures.

But that emotion blinded me to the inescapable fact Nutt hasn't been getting the job done.

As much as the Springdale cabal were a band of self-serving jackals, Nutt did a bad job managing the personalities and allowed the issue to turn into a full blown fiasco and divide the fan base.

He has allowed this off season to read like a cheap romance novel with all the backbiting, rumors, anchor-woman text messaging, freedom of information act requests, loose talk and transfers, casting the university at large in an exceedingly dim light.

Nutt sits in the big chair. He's ultimately responsible for all the bad press.

Maybe even more damning, now that the Springdale recruits are gone, and after losing two other top in state stars to Auburn this year, it's clear he has lost recruiting control of his state. With no other significant D-1 program in Arkansas, that is a major failure.

Fans are split, the university's been embarrassed, recruiting is a mess and two of the last three seasons have been losers.

Yes, I was wrong, Houston Nutt is coaching for his job this year.

Fortunately for Nutt, this is a good year to be coaching for his job. The Razorbacks have an absurdly easy non-conference schedule and a highly manageable SEC slate.

Troy, North Texas, Chattanooga and Florida International all visit the Natural State providing the Hawgs with four lay-up wins. In conference, games at Ole Miss and home against Mississippi State and Kentucky should be in the bag. That totals seven virtually un-losable games. Nutt starts the season 7-0, leaving at Alabama, home to Auburn and South Carolina and at Tennessee and LSU as the only contests the team will be challenged in. Win even two of those five and you've got nine wins and a nice bowl.

Anything short of those nine wins - and maybe even just those nine wins - and I'll line up behind the Arkansas faithful who will be calling for a new head Hawg in December.