HE IS the MAN

Some people are just different.

They’re smarter, they’re better athletes, they’re more charismatic, they perform better in crises. Even when compared to the best of the rest of us, they stand out by miles.

Some of it they’re born with, some of it they develop.

These are the people who invent things, who change the world, who become icons.

Tim Tebow is one of these people.

As the first sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy, he broke a barrier. As the first major college football player to rush and throw for 20+ touchdowns in a season, he made history. Proving that a quarterback can be equally effective running and passing, being an athlete and a decision maker, all while holding up physically to playing in the SEC, Tim Tebow has revolutionized the quarterback position in college football.

There was pre-Tebow college football, now there is post-Tebow college football. The two don’t look the same.

Tim Tebow is an athletic genius. He’s just different. No one else compares.

At five years old, Mozart could play piano with precision and write music. He was different.

Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant writer, philosopher, architect, politician and archaeologist, he was gifted in languages and farming. He was different.

Even when matched against the greatest basketball players ever, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan made them all look foolish. He was different.

Tim Tebow is a sophomore and easily the most difficult player in college football to defense. He’s been a team leader since the day he stepped on campus as a freshman. He’s big and strong and fast and tough and smart and never in trouble. He’s just different.

You may not like Florida, you can call Tebow a “system” quarterback, you can try to deny his excellence, but it’s futile, Tim Tebow is just different from the rest of us.

Even in college football’s best conference, he makes the competition seem laughably inadequate.

Tim Tebow has already done things in college football no one else has. He’ll continue to do more. A second Heisman Trophy and national title are surely in his future.

What records, what championship, what incredible feats lie ahead?

Who knows?

What makes the different people different is that they achieve those things which are impossible for the rest of us to even imagine.