Iwas willing to give Bobby Petrino the benefit of the doubt.

I was willing to let him wiggle off the hook because it’s the holiday season and I’ve been in unusually good humor lately.

Coaching in the NFL is tough. Even the SEC is a joke compared to the demands and challenges of the sidelines in the NFL. The players can be a pain in the ass, the schedule is long, there are no gimmie games and the margin of error each week is about three points.

But what Bobby Petrino’s agent said in the Birmingham News has thrown me over the edge.

It is now my responsibility to annihilate him.

Petrino’s agent Russ Campbell was quoted on Friday as saying Petrino was “miserable in the NFL” and that his family was “miserable in Atlanta.”

Apparently Campbell learned his cowardice at the foot of his client because if this so-called man had any guts, he would have made that statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a newspaper that might have asked some tough follow up questions. Instead, Campbell went crying to the Birmingham News because like the mouse he represents, he’s unwilling to face the people he abandoned.

Campbell, like Petrino, is a coward. He learned well from the master.

So Bobby Petrino is “miserable in the NFL.”

So what?

Millions of people go to work every day miserable and they stick it out because they have families to feed and they made commitments. If you’re miserable, work your way out of it, make it better, don’t just quit. He didn’t take the time to work things out, to fix the problems he made, to see things through because he’s a quitter; he’s not an ethical person. Bobby Petrino looks for the easiest way out of a situation and usually that comes from quitting and lying, two things he excels at.

But worse still, Bobby Petrino is using his family as a human shield to deflect criticism from himself.

It’s hard for most people to bury a guy who just looking out for his family. That’s what Petrino wants us to believe, that his family’s happiness was foremost in his mind.

Fortunately, I write the hard opinions.

I don’t believe for a second his family was “miserable” in Atlanta.

Remember who the source of this comment is, Bobby Petrino. I’m all of a sudden supposed to believe anything he says?

Atlanta has great weather, great people, great shopping and dining and arts and entertainment and neighborhoods.

The quality of life is amazing, the cost of living is reasonable. His kids went to the best schools.

If you can’t find happiness in Atlanta, you have a problem, it’s your fault.

I live in Atlanta. I’m grouchy, negative, pessimistic, lonely, and broke, yet I’ve found happiness here. Don’t give me Bobby Petrino and his family are miserable. If you’re miserable in Atlanta, then you’re a miserable person, and Petrino is.

Petrino has a beautiful family, he has his health, he was making $5 million a year to coach football in one of the most vibrant, livable, friendly cities in the world, he doesn’t know a thing about “miserable.”

Go to a V-A hospital and tell me about miserable.

Bobby Petrino wasn’t miserable, he was struggling, so he quit.

To blame the city of Atlanta and use your family as a prop to take the heat off is beyond devious and borders on evil.

Bobby Petrino is using his wife and his kids to take the media pressure off him. What kind of sick person does that? Not only is Petrino using his family like chain mail, he doesn’t even have the courage to say these things himself. Instead, he uses his toady agent to lie for him.

Petrino quit when the going got tough and now he’s attempting to place the blame on his family. Nice.

Bobby Petrino has mental health issues that need professional therapy.

Bobby Petrino is a text book sociopath who demonstrates classic anti-social behavior. Since slithering out of Atlanta, it has been revealed he often times walked through a locker room full of players without raising his head to acknowledge or address any of them.

Bobby Petrino is a pathological liar. He will lie even when telling the truth is perfectly acceptable. He’d rather lie. Had Bobby Petrino come straight with the Falcons, my guess is they’d have let him walk. He chose to lie instead. He’s more comfortable doing that.

Bobby Petrino exhibits delusions of grandeur. Falcons players have said since his departure that he more than once called plays the team had never practiced, so sure was his belief in his genius and his x’s and o’s.

Bobby Petrino also has deep-seeded commitment and self-esteem issues that are puzzling for a bright, successful, middle-aged man.

I don’t know who Mr. and Mrs. Petrino are, but whoever they are and wherever they are, they did a bad job raising their son. They raised a liar. They raised a quitter. They raised a coward who flees when faced with adversity. They raised a mouse who’s unable to face the people he betrayed like a man. They raised a socially and morally retarded weasel who uses his family to deflect criticism from himself and speaks through a paid parasite. They raised a “man” devoid of character, conscience or ethics.

You tell Bobby Petrino I wrote that. You tell him I wrote that his parents failed because they raised such a walking piece of garbage like him. You’re so bad Petrino, you make your parents the object of scorn.

Bobby Petrino is an awful, ugly, contemptible, sad, little man. If he wasn’t so repulsive, I might actually feel sorry for him.

Poor Bobby Petrino. “Miserable in the NFL” and “miserable in Atlanta.”

I’d like to say that I hope one day Bobby Petrino knows true misery, but, like I said, it’s the holidays and I’m not going there.

There are plenty of cowards in this world and there are plenty of liars, but Petrino has distinguished himself amongst the worst of them by using an intermediary to tell his lies and by using his family as a shield from criticism.