Break Free From the Bracket

The most important thing to any guy is being right.

Guys would rather be right on bad news than wrong and get good news. A guy would rather be right and unhappy, than wrong and happy.

For that reason I donít fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket. Havenít done one in years.

It doesnít make the NCAA Tournament less enjoyable for me, it makes it more enjoyable. Not filling out a bracket takes out the inevitable consequence that Iím wrong.

When I watch the Tournament now, itís not with a dreadful sense of anxiety and stomach bile rising into my throat as I see my bracket implode before the sun goes down on the first Friday, itís with the unencumbered joy that only comes when you have no rooting interest or concern with the result. When you donít care who wins, youíd be surprised how enjoyable watching sports becomes just for the drama and competition.

Not filling out a bracket also allows you to take or leave the event on your terms instead of being chained to it. Here in Atlanta it will be 65-degrees and sunny all weekend. The NCAA Tournament canít beat good weather and Iíll be outside breathing the fresh air with the sun on my face both Saturday and Sunday instead of cooped up inside watching basketball I only care about because of my bracket and my need to be right.

Itís too late for you this year. Youíve already filled out a bracket, maybe you have two or three. Youíll eat fried food, drink cheap beer, stay up too late, miss work and open yourself to ridicule all because some team you didnít see play once this season loses and sinks your bracket in the process.

What about that is attractive?

Without a bracket, Iíll watch the games when I want, skip them when I want, enjoy the upsets because they donít make me look stupid and not get too wrapped up in it. Letís face it, you donít care about college basketball all season Ė nor do I Ė why pretend now that it is important to you when itís not?

I know this sounds like sports fan sacrilege, but trust me.

Free your life by reducing unnecessary attachments.

Free your life by limiting the amount of times you beat your chest and put your reputation on the line by attempting to predict future events Ė particularly future events you only have a flimsy knowledge of like the NCAA Tournament.

Free your life by NOT filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket.

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